Sunday, October 17, 2010


There is a documentary film showing in our theaters that I am very interested in viewing titled, Waiting for 'Superman'. It is a harsh look at the failing American educational system.

I welcome constructive criticism of the educational system. Lousy teachers are insidiously protected by teachers' unions as openly revealed by John Stossel. Bureaucracies and management far removed from the realities of the classroom make instructional decisions. Government policies drive decision making. Economic and employment problems and realities no longer provide undereducated workers a decent wage.

I am concerned that the successful charter school in the film has an advantage with an uneven playing field. Do they have the right to expel low achieving, under-performing students who do not study or work and disrupt the classroom and the learning of others? Are they allowed to "cull" their students (choose from the best)? Are the intense desires to enter this exemplary charter school matched by the desires of the students to enter their local public schools? Are the students in the charter school living the same lifestyle and applying the same work ethics and study habits as those in the "inferior" public schools?

I will watch the film and give my opinion.

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