Thursday, November 04, 2010


I am so frustrated right now I could shove my head through a steel plate and then rip my eyeballs out with my tongue. A student in my low performing math class is not passing pretty simple arithmetic, yet she plays with her hair constantly. I guess I would too if I had a head of hair like that, but not when the teacher said to quit. She had upped the ante from pulling on it in strings to using it to make mustaches. When I asked her a couple of questions that were pretty easy, such as pointing to a number on the whiteboard and asking, "What number is this?" she would not know the answer.

I finally asked her to please stop playing with her hair. This girl then proceeded to vehemently argue with me that she wasn't doing it. Another friend insisted that she only pulled on it once. Now I have an insurrection over nothing important. I thought I should back down, but I didn't. I told her to just agree with me, her teacher, and start paying attention. She didn't agree to that, and after further arguing over her hair as a distraction, I sent her to the principal's office for non-compliance and arguing with the teacher (over nothing of significance).

Overreacting on my part? As an isolated incident, perhaps, but in the context of a student not caring at all about math, she's lucky she got off with a "ticket."

I am so frustrated at kids who DGaS (Don't Give a $4!+) I could shoot blood out of the ends of my fingertips.

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