Sunday, November 28, 2010


My wife and I traveled to Taos, New Mexico for the Thanksgiving weekend all set to eat at Downtown Bistro, The Trading Post, Bent Street Deli, Graham's Grille, Five Star Burgers, and shiver over the greatest ice cream in the world, Taos Cow.

Our agenda? To leisurely saunter through the Christmas Crafts Fair at Civic Plaza and be captivated by the Christmas Tree Auction at El Monte Sagrado. Maybe we'd shop for Christmas gifts at the Nambe store and all the best of the shops in Taos Plaza. Maybe even go into the antiquities shop.

Then, if we were fortunate enough to have the strength, energy and inclination, we would travel into the mountains to watch the skiers at Red River and Taos Ski Valley and sip flavored coffees by the lodge fireplace. Then, maybe, if we got out of bed in time for housekeeping to change the linens and sheets, we would drive to Eagle Nest Lake to gaze at ice fisherman beneath magnificent Wheeler Peak, maybe visit the Vietnam Memorial near Angel Fire (surely one of the most beautiful valleys in the entire country), and maybe stop at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, a definitely awesome sight.

Instead, I came down with accession of adipose tissue, and we returned home after only one day.

It is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful to have survived. It's great to be alive and to have another day to plan our return to Taos.

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