Tuesday, January 25, 2011


At the beginning of the day an announcement was made over the PA at our school for all geography students to immediately go to the atrium. I didn't know where the atrium was, so I asked the students, "Is the atrium that place at the end of the hallway where the big Jet is hanging from the ceiling?" (Our mascot is a Jet.)

"Oh no! yelled lots of students. "No! that's not where the atrium is. No! No!

"Then one student yelled out, "The atrium is where the Jet is hanging from the ceiling!


I met a student who was entering the classroom. She saw me and said, "Oh, Mr. W., I'm not here today!"


I told the class that their homework was not in the textbook but was a problem on the board. "Please copy it down," I said.

A student raised their hand and asked if we had any homework.


Another student was tardy to class, and he was wearing one shoe with the other shoe tied to it and flopping along as he walked. I asked him why he was late, and he said, "I got into trouble with a cop."

"An Albuquerque Police Department officer or an Albuquerque School security guard?"

"A security guard guy."

"OK, so it wasn't a cop. It was one of our security guards. What did you do?"

"Me and a friend were walking down the hall with our shoes tied together like this."

"Why did you and your friend do this?"

"The cop told me to do it."

"The security guard told you to tie your shoes like that?"

"No, but to walk to class like that."

"So you're trying to say that the security guard told you to continue on to class and not stop to tie your shoes correctly, is that right?"


"So that's why you were late?"



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