Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There is a girl in one of my math classes who is inattentive, easily distracted, and is perpetually tending to the upkeep of a facial feature or alertly adjusting a fashion accessory with far more attention to the task than Martha Stewart would put into a centerpiece at a dinner for Chinese emissaries at the White House.

Several months ago I caught her passing a secret note. She was mortified and distraught about my confiscation of the said note, and she begged to have it back. I kept it with no punishment or consequences.

I placed the note in a "secret compartment" in my wallet, and found it recently. Here is the secret note and its exact contents:

Haha ya! Uhh...Something that makes
and algabreak equasionss
Wat does tht?... Magic wand?!?
Oh ya! But where tofindit?.. ??
No idea??
Haha maybe the creepy lil nose picker
that claims hesawitch that lives nextdoor to me mite
have one I can rent. lol! Ha ha!!

I thought it was of some significance or importance for the sole reason that its contents were of no significance or importance whatsoever. It is quite revealing, and I wonder about the inanities I passed around the class when I was twelve.

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